Bring back GEG bill to Parliament

LETTERS: THE Generational Endgame bill should be brought back to Parliament without delay.

As many as 9.2 million Malaysians have already expressed their support for this bill.

It is both shocking and disappointing that policymakers and some members of parliament are delaying the bill.

It has become a football, kicked back and forth, while the vape traders are making money at the expense of our youth.

The number of schoolchildren who are vaping — from both primary and secondary schools — is rising rapidly.

The latest survey on e-cigarette use conducted by the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) found that in some schools the number of vapers has increased from 50 to 150.

These figures were confirmed by the disciplinary teachers from the secondary schools.

The schools simply don't have the capacity to help these students. Some schools are conducting only spot checks on students who are suspected of vaping and smoking.

Buying these harmful vape products online is easy.

Many parents had also complained to CAP that their children are ordering vape liquids online.

These children use their parents' credit cards to purchase the nicotine liquids.

The situation is getting out of control.

There are many schools in rural areas facing the same problem.

Vaping is popular now because it is aggressively promoted on social media.

There are thousands of candy and fruit flavours and gimmicky designs to entice children.

Vape products are also sold at cash and carry outlets, fruits stalls and five-foot way stalls.

CAP would like to remind the government that health is more important than the wealth of just a few people.

We should not sacrifice the future generation and condemn them to lifelong addiction.

N.V. Subbarow

Senior education officer and

anti-smoking activist,

Consumers Association of Penang

The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect those of the New Straits Times

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