GHHS Healthcare is set to open a DocLab aesthetic clinic at Mines Wellness City

GHHS Healthcare, the healthcare subsidiary of Country Heights Holdings Bhd is adding a DocLab aesthetic clinic to its Yunohana Wellness Spa at Mines Wellness City in Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Yunohana Wellness Spa is the new beauty and wellness division of GHHS Healthcare. It is located in the first floor of the Palace of the Golden Horses hotel's west wing.

DocLab, which is well-known in Asia, particularly in South Korea, will provide GHHS Healthcare with the licence to operate the DocLab aesthetic clinic.

This will be DocLab's first franchise offering and a significant step forward for GHHS Healthcare in the aesthetic business.

GHHS Healthcare's executive director Dr. Ricky Yip and Annie Chok, the founder of DocLab Company, held a soft launch and signed a Memorandum of Understanding on May 29, 2022.

"Cosmetics can be defined as serving to improve the beauty of the human. Men and women use cosmetics to affect impressions of attractiveness significantly. Currently, the attitude toward using cosmetics and emphasising beauty is changing among the population.

"Women show great importance to personal grooming. Working women and those with higher incomes often have interests to spend on going to the spa and premium aesthetic products and services.

"Interestingly, the trend has changed and the Malaysian men also tend to see personal grooming as a necessity rather than a luxury. Consumers also seem to be ready to pay higher prices for high quality and good benefits products, such as whitening, multi-functions, and anti-aging," he said.

According to Yip, DocLab aims to provide dermatological-grade skin-care products and aesthetic clinics to pursue safe, effective, and anti-aging treatments.

Over the past five years, DocLab has been making a substantial change in the skincare industry. Its flagship, Hydro Renewal Ampoule, and the Essential Series have paved its way into more than 600 pharmacies and even MAS Airline's Duty-Free shop.

To take aesthetic clinic-level skincare to the next level, DocLab has also created the top-of-the-line Professional Series and Platinum Series that are catered to professional use and home use.

Yunohana Wellness Spa currently offers a large variety of relaxing treatments for beauty, detoxification, and therapeutic remedies, that have been derived and developed from both authentic techniques and modern technology from all over the Asian continent.

Yunohana Hokutolite stone bed therapy from Japan and thermal suction ultra-vital face lifting from Korea are two of their most popular services.

Other services provided by Yunohana Wellness Spa include traditional Chinese Medical Tuina and Malay massage for the body and feet, as well as aqua peel extraction and glow cure for skin treatment and beauty enhancement.

GHHS Healthcare was founded in 2001 to put the adage "Prevention is better than cure" into practise.

It is Malaysia's first Preventive Healthcare Concept, providing Western Medical Screening Technology and Integrated Wellness Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Wellness and Korean Beauty, Modern European Wellness, and German and Swiss Regenerative Medicine.

GHHS Healthcare provides the best care and technology available to its more than 50,000 members, using professional specialists and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment.

In 2020, GHHS Healthcare performed over 18,000 medical screening tests.

Since its inception, it has performed over 150,000 check-ups and detected over 70,000 health abnormalities, including cancer, resulting in a high member satisfaction rate of more than 90 per cent.

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