The Red Warriors can't get enough warriors

KUALA LUMPUR: Kelantan couldn't get 20 footballers, and that was one of the reasons for their decision to stay out from the national scene this season.

The other reason is that Kelantan have yet to settle salaries owing to their players in last season's Super League. And that has led to the Red Warriors getting kicked out of the M-League.

Kelantan failed to meet these two requirements despite the deadline extension, said Amateur Football League chairman Datuk Yusoff Mahadi.

Kelantan announced their decision to stay out earlier this week.

The 2024 A1 Semi-Pro League will have 15 teams: Armed Forces, Harini Selangor FT, Immigration, Malaysian University, Melaka, YPM, Manjung City, PIB Shah Alam, Bukit Tambun, Machan, Gombak, Bunga Raya Damansara, KL Rovers, UiTM United and PT Athletic.

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