Applecrumby's Made-in-Malaysia PureBasics diapers ensures comfort and skin protection

DID you know that the average disposable diaper on the market contains chlorine, a chemical that can cause a baby's skin to become dry, itchy, cracked and sensitive?

Chlorine does protect against harmful bacteria that may exist in swimming pools, but it also removes natural oils from the skin and has other side effects.

When it comes to baby products, especially diapers, parents will want the best for their child. A product that is safe, organic and natural for their little one's skin.

Parents can rest assured that PureBasics Applecrumby diapers are 100 per cent chlorine-free and made with Greencore-DryT technology which ensures baby's comfort and skin protection without harmful chemicals. 


Sharing the idea behind their chlorine-free diaper product, Applecrumby co-founder Jesmine Tan said she and her husband wanted to create a safe and natural baby product for their child.

She said the idea for the natural and chlorine-free diapers came up 12 years ago.

"We were, at the time, looking for good diapers for our daughter. Diapers that were natural and organic, but it was difficult to find them on the market.

"Many baby products on the market at that time contained chemical elements.

"We realised that we had to source the products that we wanted (natural, organic, chlorine-free) from abroad.

"Since then we thought of creating products for parents in Malaysia that are safe, natural and organic as we believe that other parents also want the best products for their children that are also chemical-free," she said.


Applecrumby is a pioneer in 100 per cent chlorine-free diapers in the country and Southeast Asia.

Tan said this product was a significant change for parents in Malaysia and possibly in Southeast Asia from the previous type of diapers which contained chlorine.

"Chlorine is not necessary in baby products, especially diapers. After going through several processes (including studies and surveys of parents on what they want and need), we successfully brought safe, natural, organic diapers that are completely chlorine-free.

"So, among the products we offer are diapers, skincare and cleaning products, including baby wipes, "she said. 

Previously, Applecrumby only offered premium organic, safe and natural diapers.

However, understanding that premium product prices are quite expensive for 80 per cent of the population, Applecrumby took the initiative to introduce their PureBasics diapers at the end of last year.

Jesmine said PureBasics diapers offer an affordable price for everyone.

"We believe that all parents should be given access to our products because it is essential and necessary.


"When we started with offering premium products, we also thought that in the long-term, safe and organic products should not only be for those who can afford them. Instead should be available for everyone. That's why we also started by introducing PureBasics.

"Although it's called PureBasics, it still maintains our main focus, and the materials used are 100 per cent chlorine-free. We will not compromise on this because it is our goal — natural, organic, chemical-free and safe products," she said.

PureBasics diapers are available online or any other Applecrumby platform such as Lazada, Shopee and TikTok. 

The public can also get these diapers at any baby store nationwide.


In the middle of this year, Applecrumby will launch its products in two pharmacies. 

Looking ahead, Applecrumby also plans to collaborate with gas stations to offer products in kiosks to facilitate people's travel wherever they go for long journeys. 


Meanwhile, Applecrumby ambassador, user and popular TV host, Fiza Frizzy said before using Applecrumby diapers, she had tried several other brands. 

As a mother of three, she said most products she used often leaked within two to three hours after use.

"I started using Applecrumby products when my first child was over two years old. Parents certainly want to give the best to their children, including education, food, and the best life.

"When it comes to diapers, our children will use them from birth and may- be even until they reach the age of six. 

"My child still needs diapers at night. As parents, we are willing to spend on quality products," she said.

Sharing her experience with Applecrumby, Fiza said as a busy working mother, dealing with diapers that often leaked was a challenge for her.

"I started to source for diapers that don't leak and last long.

​​"After trying Applecrumby, I noticed that the diaper was full but didn't leak. It also lasted for more than eight hours. 

"Since then, I always buy and use Applecrumby baby products, not only the diapers but also the wet wipes, detergents and skincare sets," she said.

"Applecrumby laundry detergent is fragrant and guaranteed chemical-free. For other detergents, I am not sure what chemicals are used, and usually babies or young children will suck their fingers, clothes, and so on.

"If you use products with chemicals, it will definitely affect the child," she said.

Fiza said she trusts the materials and ingredients used by Applecrumby.

"I have mild eczema and my second child has severe eczema. Because my child's skin is sensitive, my husband and I decided to try chemical-free products.

"After using Applecrumby's lotion and cream, I noticed that my child's skin is no longer dry. If the child's skin is too dry, it will itch and can become bloody.

"But when I use Applecrumby, the skin is more moisturised, and the sensitive areas of the body are also safe from harmful chemicals," said Fiza. 

Applecrumby diapers for a year may be yours for the whole family. Get the AJLx Applecrumby package until March 31 to win a year's worth of diapers. Visit this website for more information.

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