Saudi Arabia tells COP28 to take its 'perspectives' into account

DUBAI: Saudi Arabia on Sunday said its "perspectives" and "concerns" must be taken into account at the COP28 climate talks, where the world's top oil exporter is resisting moves to agree to a phase-out of fossil fuels.

Participants in the UN talks should "think positive, address the reduction of emissions needed... but also take into account our perspectives and concerns", the Saudi representative said at a meeting of delegates.

"The politically backed points about targeting specific energy sectors, it's something that we have heard at many different discussions and many different settings, but in each and every time, science, common sense, principles prevailed," he added.

"This region is a very important region to tackling climate solutions. We contribute heavily to tackling climate solutions. We need to be part of the solution."

Riyadh won public support from Baghdad, with an Iraqi representative telling a meeting at the COP28 summit it rejects any mention of a fossil fuel phase-out in a final deal.

Including a reference to the "phase-down" or "phase-out" of fossil fuels has emerged as a key sticking point at the talks in Dubai, where delegates are trying to hammer out a new agreement to curb global warming.

Saudi Arabia argues it is impossible to disconnect oil from the global economy. Its energy minister has said he would "absolutely not" agree to a phase-down.

"We need to think in a way that takes into account the different national circumstances. And we need to be connected to the reality of the world that we live in today," the Saudi representative said.--AFP

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