Israeli forces bulldozes hospital, killing patients

KUALA LUMPUR: More than two months after the first fire, Israeli forces had bulldozed parts of yet another hospital in North Gaza yesterday, burying alive and killing dozens of patients and injured displaced Palestinians.

In a video uploaded by Al-Jazeera videographer and reporter Anas al-Sharif, the courtyard of Kamal Adwan Hospital, which contained many tents set up by refugees, was bulldozed by Israeli forces before people had a chance to escape.

Al-Sharif, in the video as quoted by news portal The New Arab, said it is "a major despicable act occurred at Kamal Adwan", adding that Israeli forces had withdrawn.

The video then cuts to scenes of the destroyed courtyard, with earth and bricks overturned into mounds, under which are dead bodies.

"This is the crime committed by the Israeli forces in Kamal Adwan's yards."

He then turns the camera to what looks like a dismembered limb, saying: "This is the body of an injured refugee who was in the hospital … the Israeli bulldozers ran him over."

"We cannot describe the situation … tens of bodies run over by Israeli bulldozers.

"Dozens of displaced, sick and wounded people were buried alive. The occupation (Israeli) bulldozers trampled the tents of the displaced people in the hospital yard and brutally crushed them," he added.

In a particularly gruesome scene, the video showed a kitten "the flesh of martyrs' bodies."

He said he felt the need to show the scene for the world to know about "the atrocities Israel commits against our people."

Kamal Adwan has been under direct siege for nine days in a row, with reports of the Israeli forces shooting at anything within its vicinity. The structure now appears to be almost completely destroyed.

The contents of the video at press time has yet to be verified.

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