NCT signs MoU with first foreign semiconductor firm for its industrial park

KUALA LUMPUR: China-based Zhejiang UNITY Technology Co Ltd will be the first foreign semiconductor investor to set up shop in NCT Group of Companies' Smart Industrial Park (NSIP) in Selangor.

  Both parties recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), further solidifying the industrial park's standing as an attractive destination for foreign investment in the semiconductor industry.

NCT founder and group managing director, Datuk Sri Yap Ngan Choy, said that the partnership offers the group and Zhejiang UNITY tremendous possibilities, unlocking potential for advancement and mutual growth.

  "The semiconductor industry lies at the heart of modern technology, and we firmly believe that NSIP is well-equipped to leverage on these prospects. 

  "Beyond the positive outcomes for NCT, the MoU enables us to contribute to the economic development of Selangor while collectively fostering a thriving semiconductor industry in Southeast Asia. 

  "Most importantly, Zhejiang UNITY's interest in NSIP showcases our capabilities and the progressive environment cultivated by Selangor to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the era of digitalisation," he said.

  Yap emphasised that the partnership between NCT and Zhejiang UNITY heralds a new era of innovation and progress. 

  As NSIP continues to make strides, it solidifies its position as a leading industrial park in Selangor, propelling the nation towards a prosperous and technologically advanced future, he said.

  Yap said that by harnessing the expertise and resources of both NCT and Zhejiang UNITY, the strategic collaboration aims to foster innovation, strengthen industry networks, and create opportunities for cross-border business ventures.

  "We are optimistic about the future of NSIP as its visionary approach, coupled with the

balanced integration of technology and sustainability, is set to pave the way for tremendous growth opportunities for businesses to thrive," he said.

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