Human Resources Ministry to set up unit to handle foreign workers complaints

KUALA LUMPUR: The Human Resources Ministry is looking to set up a unit under the manpower department to handle foreign workers complaints and abuse cases.

"We understand that the handling of migrant workers complaints and abuses are not easy. Migrant workers may not have the same standing as local workers, even when they are legal," Human Resources Minister Steven Sim told a gathering of media here today.

He said the idea came about after a meeting with non-government organisations that highlighted the plight of foreign workers in reporting matters of abuse.

Sim said he has committed to setting up the unit within the manpower department which could include having an interpreter and also offering temporary shelter for complainants.

"When a local worker makes a complaint they have a home to go back to but this may not be the case for foreign workers. They may not be able to go back to their hostel. So the idea is to cater to the situation which is specific to foreign workers, " Sim said.

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