#TECH: Creating jobs, empowering talents

IN the bustling world of e-commerce, the success stories of businesses like Beehaus and Tradehub serve as shining examples of how entrepreneurship can not only create job opportunities, but also empower individuals to thrive in the digital marketplace.

As Malaysian home and living businesses, Beehaus and Tradehub have not only made their mark in the world of online retail but have also taken it upon themselves to educate, upskill, and mentor others through the ShopeeXperts programme.

Nurturing talent and fostering local employment

Founded by Tee Ying Fui and Felix Lee, Beehaus is a beacon of hope for underprivileged young talent in Banting, Selangor.

Tee, a native of Banting, witnessed the devastating impact of job loss in his community due to the Movement Control Order.

The dearth of job opportunities prompted Tee and Lee to take matters into their own hands and create avenues for employment.

Beehaus doesn't merely offer a lifeline; it extends a ladder of opportunity.

The company provides free e-commerce training workshops to eager learners from their community.

Lee, with his expertise in web hosting and online retail marketing, is well-equipped to impart the knowledge needed to excel in the digital marketplace.

"We needed a host to promote our products in live-streams and had difficulty finding talent.

"We realised that if we hire youngsters in Banting, they do not need to travel far from home to work and can be closer to their families," he said.

These trainees are groomed with versatile skills to find job opportunities as live-stream hosts, affiliate partners, and even independent sellers on Shopee.

The impact is substantial, with around 200 individuals from Banting upskilled by Tee and Lee.

A remarkable 50 of their trained participants have ventured into independent selling on Shopee.

For those eager to start but lacking capital, Beehaus extends the offer of consigning their products, creating a win-win scenario.

"Today, Beehaus has 60 affiliates, and we are continuing our community service to help entrepreneurs grow," said Lee.

Data-driven success

Tradehub founder Leon Wong is at the forefront of guiding vendors to navigate the complex world of online selling on Shopee.

His approach is distinct, focusing on empowering businesses with data-driven insights to understand their customers better and streamline their operations for online success.

"Tradehub supports the local economy by obtaining quality household products from these vendors and selling the items on Shopee at affordable prices," Wong explained.

His journey into the world of data-driven decision-making came after years of personal experience in online selling.

He has a track record of helping local sellers boost their revenues by up to 10-fold through timely analysis of business insights and the strategic application of these insights to drive sales conversions.

"We help increase their production volume, resulting in reduced production costs, which benefit both consumers and businesses. I believe that the path to sustainability lies in continuous innovation and in leaving a lasting impression on our targeted audiences," said Wong.

Catalyst for e-commerce growth

The stories of Beehaus and Tradehub exemplify the positive ripple effects that e-commerce entrepreneurship can have on local communities.

Through their commitment to mentorship, education and providing employment opportunities, they have not only expanded their own businesses, but have also been instrumental in cultivating a thriving ecosystem of online sellers on platforms like Shopee.

The ShopeeXperts programme, which has certified Beehaus and Tradehub as trainers, serves as a shining example of how businesses can pay it forward and contribute to the development of the digital economy. These programmes bridge the knowledge gap and provide the essential skills needed for aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed in the fast-paced world of e-commerce.

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