#TECH: Revolutionising phone charging capability

HAVING a phone that is capable of charging quickly is always a plus to users.

In meeting this demand, Realme has unveiled the realme GT3 240W, which offers a 240W charging capability.

This feature is said to set new benchmarks in fast-charging technology.

Realme brand manager Wai Kiat Hong emphasised the company's commitment to innovation.

"In 2024, realme is set to increase its research and development investments by an astounding 240 per cent, significantly bolstering our technological capabilities," he said at the launch event.

The realme GT3 240W sets a new benchmark in charging speed, surpassing industry norms and even outpacing competitors like Apple.

At its core, the realme GT3 240W boasts a revolutionary 240W fast charging capability, making it the fastest mass-produced smartphone using the Type-C standard.

This breakthrough technology offers an unparalleled charging experience, delivering a 50 per cent charge in a mere four minutes and achieving a full charge in an astounding nine minutes and 30 seconds.

With its 10C Ultra Thin battery, the device boasts a lifespan twice that of industry standards, enduring up to 1,600 charge cycles while retaining 80 per cent of its original capacity, ensuring sustained peak performance over an extended period.

The phone also incorporates 13 temperature sensors and 16 layers of protection, ensuring device safety during high-power charging.

To further its innovation capability, realme has established the realme Global Institute of Leap Forward Technology, which aims to spearhead breakthroughs in imaging, gaming, display, and charging technologies through collaborations with over 33 leading international tech partners.

Other features of the realme GT3 240W include Pulse Interface System, and customisable C-shaped RGB lighting that not only serves as a notification indicator but also provides information on charging status and incoming calls.

The device's transparent panels not only add to its visual allure but also offer a peek into the cutting-edge technology housed within.

The realme GT3 240W, available in Racing Purple and Pulse White at RM2,799.

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