#TECH: Honor launches thin foldable

HONOR has just launched the Magic V2 foldable phone.

Said to be the thinnest and lightest inward foldable phone, measuring just 9.9mm (folded) and 4.7mm (unfolded), and weighing just 231 grams, this new foldable comes with significant improvements from the previous generation and is designed for those seeking a top-notch phone with cutting-edge technology and enhanced privacy features.

According to Honor Malaysia deputy country director, Matthew Ng, there are so many technologies that have been put into the Magic V2 despite the many innovations smartphones had.

"Many smartphones we see today have excellent specifications, seemingly reaching a bottleneck.

However, when we return to a consumer-centric perspective, we find that there is room for further improvement in almost every aspect," he said at the launch in TRX Kuala Lumpur today.

"For example, when it comes to screen display, we always look at higher resolution, brightness, refresh rate, and so on and so forth," he added.

However, in reality, the prolongMagic V2 ed use of smartphones will cause a serious impact on our eyes.

Ng said that is why we provide a more eye-friendly screen solution, focusing solely on the perspective of a consumer with rooms to improve.

"For battery, we do question ourselves. How can we make improvements in extending battery life while maintaining a lightweight design, giving consumers peace of mind without the need of searching for a power bank?" he said.

The Honor Magic V2 uses an ultra-thin 5000mAh silicon-carbon battery that is said capable of providing a long battery life. This dual-cell silicon-carbon battery offers fast charging with the 66W Honor SuperCharge technology.

The silicon-carbon battery was first being used in electric vehicle (EV) batteries such as those used by Tesla, making Honor the pioneer in utilizing this advanced battery technology in a foldable phone.


In terms of build quality, despite being very thin, the Honor magic V2 is designed to be sturdy. It uses a strong and super-light titanium hinge, which also provides a lightweight design and durability through the usage of titanium alloy in the phone's hinge and using second-generation nanocrystal glass.

Honor said the hinge can withstand over 400,000 folds, while the nanocrystal glass provides 10 times greater drop resistance compared to standard glass. The external screen is certified with a 5 Star Drop Resistance Certification from SGS.

With a unique zero-gear structure, the hinge on the Honor Magic V2 lets users watch videos and capture photos hands free. This hovering feature is particularly handy for group shots, creative selfies, and action photos while ensuring sharp and clear images.


Photography wise, the Magic V2 offers a triple rear camera setup, featuring a 50MP main camera, a 50MP ultra-wide camera, and a 20MP telephoto camera along with dual 16MP front cameras.

Apart from that, the phone's improved AI Recognition enhances image identification for intelligent and more efficient photography experience, including features like Honor Motion Sensing Capture.

3840 PWM dimming technology

The Honor Magic V2 offers a 120Hz high refresh rate, featured on both the inner and external screens. It also adapts industry's highest 3840 PWM dimming technology for smooth browsing and entertainment experience.

The phone has a 7.92 inches large internal display, giving users a tablet-like experience. The foldable is a two-in-one device for business and entertainment, perfect for users to fulfill different purposes from work to entertainment in life. It supports a HDR 10+, 100 per cent DCI-P3 colour gamut and 1.07 billion colours, giving visuals in true-to-life colours.


As security becomes one of the most important aspects of a smartphone today, the Magic V2 comes with a Discrete Security Chipset which ensures enhanced data protection by securely storing passwords, biometrics, and facial recognition data, safeguarding users' sensitive information from potential leaks.

Adding on to the phone's privacy feature is the AI Privacy Call 2.0 which tackles the problem of others hearing user's phone conversations by adjusting the call volume based on surroundings, preventing sound leakage even in crowded and quiet places like elevators.

Multi-tasking capabilities

Being a foldable phone, the Honor Magic V2 functions like a tablet. This is useful when users need to juggle multiple applications at a time such as gaming, streaming, work or browsing social media. It can open up to four multi-windows, with split-screens in vertical and horizontal mode.

Additionally, the split-screens provide a unique dual-screen gaming experience. The phone's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset ensures a lag-free and smooth gaming experience. It runs on MagicOS 7.2, based on Android 13, for a smooth and feature-rich user experience.


The Honor Magic V2 is priced at RM6,999 and will be available in three premium colours of Black, Purple and Black (PU) from Jan 25 and is now available for pre-order.

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