#FASHION: Rado reinvents a legend

IN 1962, Swiss watch brand Rado made history by releasing the world's first scratch-proof watch, The Rado Diastar.

It was crafted from ultra-resistant hard metal – an impressive technical innovation – and boasted a futuristic design that became crucial strand of the brand.

It was the turning point and from then on, turning visionary ideas into bestselling phenomena, a formula that Rado held on to.

Rado chief executive officer Adrian Bosshard says for decades, watch lovers have been wearing this watch.

"I have distinct memories from my childhood about family members and their acquaintances wearing DiaStar and today, those watches still look like new. This watch is one reason why I become a watch lover and today, I am proud that the Rado DiaStar Original has a firm place in the best-seller list of many countries around the globe."

Perhaps what's even more special about Bosshard, a former motorcycle racer, is that he was born the same year of the DiaStar.

"I too, celebrate a round birthday this year – 40 years old with 20 years of experience," he says.

This year, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the DiaStar, Rado has released the DiaStar Original 60-Year Anniversary Edition. This time, the watch comes in Ceramos, a high-tech mixture of ceramic and metal alloy.

Because of its unique combination, Bosshard says Ceramos offers the best of both worlds -- the lightness and scratch resistance of high-tech ceramic along with the lustre of metal.


This unique piece has been created in collaboration with Swiss designer Alfredo Haberli. The goal was to revisit the model, with subtle but notable changes to mark its 60th anniversary, to keep the strong personality of its predecessor, while also adding the best and latest innovations.

Bosshard says Rado has been in contact with Haberli -- himself a watch fan -- for years.

"His passion for watchmaking made him the ideal designer to approach for the facelift of this iconic Rado product," he says.

For the watch, Haberli says, he combines tradition and innovation with joy and energy.

"The anniversary edition is no exception. In essence, the point was to take the features of the original DiaStar and give them a contemporary form," she says.

"So there's been a minor geometric adaptation of the case to make it look more elegant and lighter. The faceted cut of the watch glass was reinterpreted in a hexagonal form meant to highlight the 60th anniversary."

The hands and date display were designed to look as modern and abstract as possible, he says.

"With every product, I try to add value, which lies in the everyday usefulness of the design. For the DiaStar that means you have to be able to wear it on different occasions, so it comes with two alternative straps and in a leather case that can be used as protection while travelling," he says.


Framed by a radial-brushed Ceramos coiffe with polished angles and detailing set over a matching, monochrome stainless steel case, a sapphire crystal with hexagonal facets marks six decades of the original timepiece.

The Rado R764 automatic movement with 80 hours of power reserve ensures reliable and precise timekeeping. The watch stands as it did in 1962 for dependability, lasting beauty and endless wearing pleasure.

Bosshard says the watch is unique in both shape and design. "The choice of the material for the case – hard metal before and now Ceramos in the new collection – makes the watch practically indestructible. It is truly a watch for a lifetime."

He says the Rado DiaStar Original customer is a person with high expectations concerning the attributes of his timepiece and looking for a unique and exceptional design.

"The DiaStar Original has, for 60 years, been an important pillar in the global Rado collection and I believe such an iconic product will continue to be a bestseller for the next 60 years," he says.

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