#BEAUTY: A simple (but effective) tip for full, luscious lips

TAKING a more natural approach to beauty doesn't have to mean sacrificing your make-up routine (entirely). While many social media users seem to be slowly but surely abandoning lip injections, they have no intention of giving up on plump, luscious lips. As a result, all kinds of hacks are landing on social networks to get full lips without resorting to fillers.

Beauty looks are becoming increasingly natural, with a shift away from certain aesthetic medicine techniques, but this doesn't stop people from wanting to enhance their lips, making them fuller and more colourful than ever. If this part of the face was neglected during the pandemic, due to lockdowns and the wearing of masks, today, lips are taking centre stage. The proof can be seen in the many beauty trends that have gone viral recently, starting with diamond lips, cherry cola lips and latex lips.

These beauty inspirations aim to make lips shinier and fuller than ever, without the need for fillers.

And that's exactly what the latest trend, the "lip combo" is all about: getting full, perfectly defined lips in no time at all -- and without the risk of regretting it. On social networks -- TikTok in the lead -- any means is good for achieving this, as long as you use affordable products and don't have to spend hours in the bathroom. As a result, "lip combo" techniques (because there are several) are multiplying at speed on the Chinese social platform, each proving more original than the last.

So what is a "lip combo"? The technique is based on a trend straight out of the 1990s, long relegated to the sidelines and considered outdated, namely outlining the lip contour with pencil. The "lip combo" involves combining two products to enhance lips and achieve that coveted luscious look, usually with lip liner and gloss or lip liner and lipstick.

Hailey Bieber, Taylor Swift, Rosalía, Megan Thee Stallion and Kylie Jenner are just some of the celebrities who have already adopted the trend, and are regularly seen sporting a "lip combo" look. American model Emily Ratajkowski even went so far as to share her tips and favourite products in a tutorial posted on TikTok, and viewed nearly nine million times. We see her contouring her mouth with lip liner, then filling it in with volumizing lip balm. This three-in-one product (moisturising, plumping, glossing) echoes the craze among social media users for hybrid cosmetics, combining treatment and make-up to save time while focusing on skincare.

But others go even further, transforming the "lip combo" into an even more playful technique -- and paving the way for tricks that could prove as original as they are unusual. Such is the case with Sofia Richie, who proposed a surprising "lip combo". The young star abandoned the usual lip pencil in favour of a blend of two glossy lipsticks in distinct shades, topped off with a third, much more unexpected product: a concealer, designed to add an even more plumping effect and an ombré finish. As you can see, anything is possible with the "lip combo" as long as it delivers glossy, luscious lips in no time at all.

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