#Showbiz: 'I'm sorry for not being a good son' — Ismail Izzani

KUALA LUMPUR: Feeling a little distressed over haters on social media, singer Ismail Izzani took to Instagram recently to express his feelings.

Sharing a photo of a younger him and his mother, popular 1980s singer Datin Suliza Salam, it appears that the entry is dedicated to her.

The caption read: "Mama, I'm sorry if I've not been a good child to you but I know you will always understand the pressure and the hate I get from people around me."

"I'm not a perfect person and I'm also not trying to be perfect. But I realise how tired I am of trying to prove things to people… Tired of being in the position where everyone is expecting more from me.

"I'm just a normal human being, a boy who needs to understand who I really am. I just want to say thank you for always loving me as I am. I also want you to know that I love you and I'm sorry."

The post which received more than 35,000 likes from the 21-year-old artiste's fans and followers, also saw a response from Suliza who expressed her unconditional love for her youngest child and that she would always support him.

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