#Showbiz: 'Mr Right still eludes me' - Adibah Noor

KUALA LUMPUR: Multi-talented artiste Adibah Noor, 51, has been in and out of love five times thus far.

The Gegar Vaganza 8 (GV8) contestant said that she had resigned herself to being single, since she hardly felt "lonely".

"Life is good, I am surrounded with wonderful friends who love and care for me, and make me happy," she said in a news report today.

Adibah added that while it would be good to find Mr Right someday, being single was "not a loss".

"Mr Right still eludes me. I have had five men in my life, but sad to say, we were not meant to be.

"Nevertheless, I have learnt to not look back with regret, and always cherish the most important things in life which make me happy," said the award-winning singer, actress and television host.

Adibah also said that breaking up five times made her believe that perhaps she was "destined to be single".

"It is painful falling in and out of love. Having encountered this a few times, I have eventually chosen to let things be."

Adibah is happy to share her life with her 20 pet cats and she remains close to her loved ones.

"What matters most is having a good career, getting along great with my family, having great friends and most of all being happy with who I am."

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