#Showbiz: Sharnaaz can visit Jayden as often as he can — Noor Nabila

KUALA LUMPUR: Actor Sharnaaz Ahmad, 38 and his former wife Noor Nabila Mohd Noor are ex-spouses who work together in raising their son Jebat Jayden.

For this reason, many Netizens have praised them as role models for celebrity parents involved in child custody battles.

In an interview with Berita Harian Online yesterday, entrepreneur Noor Nabila said that each divorced parent had different predicaments and it was not wise to compare them with Sharnaaz and herself.

The elder sister of former MeleTop host Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor however admitted that divorced mothers should always "take the higher road" and put their egos aside when it came to child custody.

"Parents must give and take so that they can play their roles as parents to their children properly.

"Sharnaaz and I ended our marriage three years ago but we have always had a good working relationship as the parents of our six-year-old son Jayden," said Noor Nabila.

Noor Nabila also said her own parents underwent a painful and problematic divorce and consequently she did not want history to repeat itself.

"I did not want a repeat of my parents' divorce. I wanted to make sure my son got along great with both of his parents and that they worked together as a team to raise him," said Noor Nabila.

"That is why Sharnaaz and I did not come up with any agreement on the days and times he could visit Jayden. He can come any time he wants, for Jayden is always happy to see him."

Sharnaaz and Noor Nabila were married from March 31, 2017 to July 9, 2020.

Noor Nabila, 39, also gets along great with actress Amelia Christie, who is in a relationship with her former husband.

"I have got to know her over the last year and she is a wonderfully loving and caring person. She takes good care of Jayden and my son loves her too."

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