#Showbiz: A new beginning for Tilu [NSTTV]

Local indie band Tilu started the New Year with the Indie Alliance concert at Zepp KL on Jan 1.

The band, made up of vocalist Noor Amirah Asraf (Mira), guitarist Deo Karmawan, bassist Zaim Zaidee and drummer Bob Skunjas, is known for its jazzy, easy-listening songs that touch on matters of the heart.

Tilu initially began with Mira, keyboardist Bajai, bassist Puja and drummer Johar as a project band.

The band released its self-titled debut album under KRU Studios in 2010, which spawned the popular single Ku Bukan Aku, accompanied by a quirky music video.

This year is set to see Tilu release new material. The band will be performing on Saturday at Liberal Latte in KL.

"We are all older and wiser now, and more importantly, independent. And this is reflected in our creative output holistically.

"For the upcoming album, we are working closely with the original members so the Tilu DNA is very much still there, but the approach and delivery is where our years of experience will show.

"This time around, we are all in it together, from writing and performing to ownership and responsibilities. We've become a family now," said Mira in an interview.

Deo described the band's music as "gentle to the ear, but rich with harmony and rhythm, like Lily Allen meets Quincy Jones".

Zaim said the inspiration for the new material came after a fan sent the band a message requesting a comeback.

"We took a screenshot of it and posted it on Instagram. The post received so many positive responses from our followers and a music producer offered to do a fully-sponsored album.

"Throughout the recording process, Tilu's identity is still there, but we realise we sound more mature now.

"Musically, we now use a more interesting harmonic approach, more daring synthesiser sounds and even some odd rhythms.

"Lyrically, the songs are still based on love, but deeper in meaning.

"For example, one song is about getting out of toxic relationships, and in another, we sing about parents' love for their children."

Music fans will be able to get up close and personal with the band at the upcoming show.

"This showcase will be very intimate. There will be almost no distance between the band and audience.

"The ambience and atmosphere will be set to get the correct vibe, so that the audience can dive deep into our music and be one with us.

"We will perform new songs from the upcoming album for the first time ever. It will be special," said Mira.

Apart from the upcoming showcase, the band will also perform at the Hari Atas Angin — 5th Year Anniversary festival at Bysnc Live in KL on March 4.

"We'll be performing alongside Noh Salleh, The Venopian Solitude and many other amazing acts. Apart from gigging, we are just focusing on making the sophomore album," said Bob.

The new album, which is expected to contain eight to nine songs, is expected be released before the second quarter of the year.

As for the rest of the year, the band intends to keep performing and may produce some merchandise as well.

Tickets to the Tilu show at Liberal Latte (2, Lorong Dungun Kiri, Bukit Damansara, KL) on Jan 21 at 9pm are priced at RM60.

For more details, call 011-3797 6897. Visit to purchase tickets.

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