#Showbiz: Blacklist scammers for life — Aaron Aziz

KUALA LUMPUR: Singapore-born actor Datuk Aaron Aziz strongly sympathises with businessmen who fall victim to scammers and end up having "sad Hari Rayas".

The 47-year-old KL Gangster star said that he, too, fell victim to such conmen not too long ago.

"There are many conmen in town these days. The government must blacklist all companies which have been linked to scams for good. Too many people have fallen victim to them and lost millions of ringgit," said Aaron in an Instagram story yesterday.

More than 200 netizens replied to Aaron, and they strongly supported his stand.

"Malaysians and Singaporeans, please be extra careful of online pirates. I fully support you Aaron, the government must come down hard on all these conmen who make our lives miserable," said a Netizen identified as Aziz.

"The Domestic Trade and Costs of Living Ministry should pay heed to this major menace and come up with more public campaigns especially on television, radio and social media to warn us about scammers, the modern day pirates," said Hisham.

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