#Showbiz: Judika giving his all to his fans at the recent concert in KL

THE recently staged Rockmantic Night: Judika And The Gang at Bukit Jalil's Axiata Arena was not just memorable to the 12,000 concert-goers who packed the venue, but also to the 45-year-old Indonesian artiste himself.

Present among his fans at the concert were his family members which included his parents, parents-in-law, wife actress Duma Silalahi and their two children — daughter Cleo Deomora Boru Sihotang, 9, and son Judeo Volante Sihotang, 7.

"This has been a perfect day for me. My parents and parents-in-law were all here to show their support to me," revealed Judika at the press conference after the three-hour concert.

The presence of his loved ones, on top of the packed venue, was a potent booster for Judika to give his all that evening (which he did, to the satisfaction of his fans and others present at the concert).

"This is a very fortunate and a happy occasion — when all of them decided to come and show their support. It's indeed a precious moment for me, something which could not be bought."

The concert, jointly organised by Dua Anak Deo (DAD) Management and Kharisma Music International kicked off at 8pm, with performances by "The Gang" of six guest artistes.

They were a trio of popular Malaysian singers, namely Marsha Milan Londoh, Shila Amzah and Haqiem Rusli.

The remaining three were new artistes under DAD Management — Dnanda, Daniel Pattinama and Axin Zay.

Thirty minutes after The Gang opened the show, Judika emerged on stage riding a big bike, complete with a studded leather jacket with the word Kiss (a definite reference to the American rock band formed 50 years ago) written on the back.

He started his performance with Bukan Rayuan Gombal to thunderous response from fans.

He then carried on with songs such as Sampai Kau Jadi Milikku, Kisah Kuinginkan (a duet he performed with Shila), Putus Atau Terus, Jikalau Kau Cinta and Cinta Karena Cinta.

Apart from his hits, the husky-voiced crooner also performed tunes originally performed and recorded by Malaysian artistes: Exists' Buih Jadi Permaidani (which he sang with Haqiem Rusli), Wings' Sejati and Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza's Cindai.

Judika performed a total of 20 songs, which according to him, wasn't enough.

"If it's up to me, given the great vibe by the audience, I'd just go on and on," shared Judika, who is known to throw in about five songs during the encore.

Despite having had three days to practise, the experienced performer said he was just as nervous before the concert.

However, the jittery feeling evaporated once he was backstage and ready to step into the spotlight.

"Hearing all the fans screaming from where I was, gave me this sense of wanting to go out and give them my best."

Which he did, from the beginning till the end, much to the delight of fans that evening.

According to DAD chief executive officer HM Hendra Saputra, Judika's fans based in Malaysia number around 8 million!

"Wanting to give my all for this concert was also the reason I only wanted to do a one-night-only show.

"If I had concerts for two nights in a row, I might not be giving the same energy on the second night," said Judika in all earnestness.

The Indonesian star was also accompanied by his own team of musicians and an orchestra led by music maestro Tohpati during the memorable concert.

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