#Showbiz: 'I only saw white light, chest felt tugged' - Nora Ariffin

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer Datuk Nora Ariffin says she thought her time was up, when she was hospitalised last month due to high fever and breathing difficulties.

"I was only thinking of death then, and I kept repeating the shahadah.

"I could only see some kind of white light vision, so I also kept on asking for forgiveness from my husband," the 50-year-old singer said in a news report yesterday.

She added that she also felt that the inside of her chest was being tugged by some kind of force.

"According to doctors, I had a minor heart attack due to an excess of fluids through an IV Drip administered at a medical centre before I was transferred to another hospital," she said.

After the incident, she was treated for 11 days at the hospital, including two days under close supervision at the hospital's intensive care unit when she was unconscious.

"Being given this second chance, I felt like it also made me more aware of the sacrifices made both by my husband and children, especially what they did during that harrowing time."

Nora also said she wouldn't take any action nor blame the medical centre where the IV drip incident took place, saying that doctors too are humans and errors or accidents do happen from time to time.

"My advice to everyone, always seek treatments from the right and proper hospital."

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