#Showbiz: Beckham's autograph on security guard's uniform sparks envy among netizens [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: When the former English football captain David Beckham made a two-hour appearance at The Exchange TRX here yesterday, among the 2,000 lucky shoppers who were greeted with his warmth and radiance was a security personnel working there.

In a photo shared on X yesterday, a security guard, believed to be a Nepalese national had the 48-year-old football personality signing on the back of his uniform, sending Netizens to leave various remarks, mostly tinged with "jealousy".

"I'm sure he'll buy a new uniform, and sells this one for thousands of Ringgit," wrote one.

Another wrote: "This shirt will never be washed ever again."

Beckham was in town since Wednesday to launch the World Of The Predator Exhibition for sportswear giant Adidas, at the newly opened Adidas shop at the shopping mall located in the city's Golden Triangle.

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