#Showbiz: Caprice cancels plan to mediate in Aliff Aziz-Bella-Ruhainies controversy

KUALA LUMPUR: Caprice's attempt to gather Aliff Aziz, Bella Astillah, Ruhainies and Sarah Yasmine together to solve the escalating controversy didn't happen as planned earlier today.

After he was approached by Sarah Yasmine, the woman believed to be a Singaporean who claimed to have had an affair with Aliff since January, Caprice, whose real name is Ariz Ramli had to scrap his original plan at the eleventh hour.

In a series of Insta-story posts he shared last night, the 35-year-old singer explained the reason why he had to cancel the meeting.

"It was she (Sarah Yasmine) who originally sought help from me in the first place. But when I managed to get all the involved parties to meet (this morning), she suddenly changed her plans.

"Please don't look for me if you want to change plans last minute. It had gotten messier when some fans of these artistes got angry and wanted to attack my wife for no reason," he wrote.

Meanwhile, despite having had to cancel his mediation plan, Caprice wished that the controversy involving the three artistes would soon be solved amicably.

"My office is always open for all involved in this controversy, except for 'some woman' who changed her plans last minute," he wrote.

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