#Showbiz: Aliff's 'MUSM (Miss U So Much)' message to Ruhainies trending on X

KUALA LUMPUR: The abbreviation of the phrase 'Miss You (U) So Much' (MUSM) was a trending topic on the social media application X yesterday.

The abbreviation was allegedly used by Singaporean singer and actor Aliff Aziz as a reply to the message 'LUM' or 'Love You (U) More' sent by actress Ruhainies, according to a Harian Metro report today.

Those phrases were among the contents of messages displayed on WhatsApp screenshots involving Ruhainies and Aliff as revealed by an alleged girlfriend of the scandal-ridden actor known as Sarah Yasmine.

Aside from MUSM, Aliff Aziz's name also took the top spot on the Malaysian trending chart.

The Top 10 rung on the trending list also included the names of Ruhainies, Sarah, and Aliff's wife, Bella Astillah.

It was reported yesterday that Sarah had revealed romantic conversations and plans arranged by Ruhainies with Aliff on the WhatsApp application.

Sarah said she did that because she felt cheated by Aliff and Ruhainies.

Among the conversations that attracted attention was one involving Ruhainies who seemed displeased that Bella was appointed as the new face of a beauty product, a position she had previously held.

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