#Showbiz: Malaysian social media influencer Jasmine Yong's son, 2, drowns in hotel room pool

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular local social media influencer Jasmine Yong lost her 2-year-old son Enzo Wang in an unfortunate accident last weekend.

Yong took to Instagram yesterday to announce the sad news of her son's death.

She wrote: "On May 11, our family of three checked into a hotel to celebrate Mother's Day.

"The following day, Enzo was lying on our hotel bed. He had as usual snuggled up with us as he drank his milk and fell asleep.

"We then took a nap, but realised Enzo was no longer on the bed with us when we woke up.

"We noticed that the locked door to the indoor pool was unlocked and open, and we found Enzo in the pool."

Yong immediately performed CPR on Enzo, but he remained unresponsive.

She said that the hotel had poor telephone reception, and they were unable to call for an ambulance.

Yong's husband Kvin Wang quickly left the room to seek help, but could not find anyone.

The couple then carried their son to the lobby, where hotel staff called an ambulance.

"At the hospital, Enzo underwent 30 minutes of emergency resuscitation. He regained his heartbeat, but remained unconscious."

In the six days that Enzo spent in the hospital fighting for his life, Yong urged her followers to pray for him.

Sadly, Enzo died last Saturday.

Yong urged the media to avoid reporting about the accident in an exaggerated manner, and for the public to not trust any rumours.

"Please allow Enzo to leave peacefully, thank you," she said.

Yong also shared pictures of the offerings they prepared for Enzo, including a picture she drew of their family.

Family members also gathered to release balloons to the sky as a final farewell to Enzo.

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