#Showbiz: Edry of KRU says family is comfortable in UK, might consider Malaysia return

KUALA LUMPUR: Composer and former KRU band member Edry Abd Halim does not rule out the possibility of returning to Malaysia after immigrating to the United Kingdom (UK) six years ago.

However, Edry said that if he were to return, he would only bring his wife, Milia Mohammed, and their special needs child, Emery, 17, along with him.

His other three children, Emil, 24; Edylia, 21; and Elya, 14, might continue living in Manchester, where the family resides in the UK, as they are already comfortable there.

"I am still considering life in the homeland. Who knows, maybe my wife, our third child, and I will return to Malaysia.

"We never know what fate has in store, the other children can continue their lives in the UK as they are already comfortable living here.

"Moreover, Emir and Edylia have already entered university, so they would certainly want to continue working in the UK," Edry told Berita Harian.

Meanwhile, Edry said that although his children are comfortable in the UK, he would buy tickets to ensure they return to meet their grandparents every year.

Edry, who was met at the press conference for the Astro-produced programme The Hardest Singing Show, said this is an important practice for his children so that they always remember their origins and culture.

"I encourage my children to return to Malaysia every year. I buy the tickets myself. If I can't return, they have to return.

"I am fortunate to still have my parents, while my wife no longer has hers. So, the children return to meet my parents because time is very precious and should not be wasted.

"Besides that, I teach my children that no matter where they live, they must have the heart and soul of a Malay.

"Etiquette and religion are also instilled because our identity as Malays cannot be discarded," he said.

Commenting on his role as a permanent judge on the reality show, Edry said he accepted the offer after being contacted by the television station last March.

He said that not witnessing the development of the local music industry for six years gives him the advantage of being impartial.

"I don't really recognise some of the contestants, so I can give honest comments without judging them beforehand," Edry said.

Among the programme's contestants are Aisha Retno, Stacy Anam, De Fam, Kaka Azraff, Epul Roza, Zizi Kirana, Ayda Jebat, and Putera Muhammad.

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