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Shot by cops, suspected cattle thief drives off in patrol car only to die 4km away

MACHANG: A suspected cattle thief who was shot by a policeman in Kampung Joh near Labok, here, early today managed to escape by jumping into a police patrol vehicle, but the wound he sustained turned out to be fatal.

The 33-year-old from Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Baru, was found dead in the Pulai Chondong area, about 4km away, still inside the patrol vehicle.

Kelantan deputy police chief Deputy Commissioner Mohd Ali Tamby said a patrol team was sent to Kampung Joh after Machang police received a report about two men in a Toyota Vios who were acting suspiciously about 4.30am.

"The patrol team went to the area and spotted the car with two men inside the vehicle. Seeing the patrol car, the driver of the Vios sped off.

"The patrol team gave chase until the Vios skidded and came to a halt on the shoulder of the road in the Kampung Labok area.

"When the police team approached the car, the driver came out with a sharp object and tried to attack one of the policemen.

"In defending himself, the policeman shot several times at the suspect's leg. The suspect, however, managed to escape by jumping into the patrol car and headed towards Kota Baru," he said in a statement.

Ali said the suspect's accomplice, a 43-year-old who is from Kubang Kerian, was arrested at the place where the Vios had skidded.

He said a manhunt was conducted for the suspect, leading to the patrol vehicle being found in the Pulai Chondong area.

"Upon checking inside the patrol car, police found the man's body in the driver's seat. His body was later sent to Machang Hospital for a post-mortem examination," he said.

Ali said checks showed that the dead man had a criminal record with several entries.

He said the man and his accomplice were believed to have been involved in the theft of cattle belonging to Kampung Joh villagers.

"Police recovered several pieces of equipment in the Toyota Vios which were believed to have been used in the duo's cattle theft activities," he said.

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