Covid-19: Bed occupancy rate at 40 per cent nationwide

PUTRAJAYA: The bed occupancy rate for Covid-19 treatment is at 40 per cent in Malaysia, said Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

He said as at 10pm Oct 29, the Health Ministry has 16,060 beds at 46 hospitals designated for Covid-19 treatment as well as quarantine and low risk centres (PKRC) nationwide.

"There are 3,825 beds at 44 public hospitals and two teaching hospitals designated for Covid-19 treatment, the occupancy rate is at 54 per cent.

"At the same time, 60 PKRCs are operating nationwide at the moment with 12,235 beds set up, 36 per cent are in use," he said in his daily Covid-19 press conference, here, today.

Dr Noor Hisham said although new cases were reported every day, particularly in Sabah, hundreds of patients were discharged as well on a daily basis.

"Subsequently, the vacant beds will be used for new cases. The Ministry always monitors the current situation and will increase the bed capacity if needed."

Meanwhile, he said the bed occupancy rate in Sabah, the worse hit state in the country, was at 47 per cent.

"Nine of 24 hospitals in Sabah have been used as Covid-19 hybrid hospitals, where they are treating Covid-19 patients but at the same time still continuing with other medical services.

"At the moment, 1,007 beds are allocated for Covid-19 patients at these nine hospitals with an occupancy rate of 77 per cent.

"Also, we have activated 28 PKRCs in Sabah with a total of 7,368 beds of which 43 per cent are in use," he said.

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