Diners billed whopping RM1,196.80 for 'siakap' dish in Langkawi

LANGKAWI: A group of seven diners at a floating restaurant here had the shock of their lives after being served with an eye-watering bill of RM1,196.80 for a dish of 'siakap' (barramundi fish) weighing 7.48kg yesterday.

A copy of the lunch receipt, totalling RM1,852.50, uploaded by one of the diners has since gone viral on social media.

The customer, in a Facebook posting, claimed that the price imposed for the siakap dish was exorbitant.

"After settling the bill, I advised them to not do this in business. They shouldn't have used a 7kg fish since there were only seven of us.

"I noticed that other customers behind me also appeared stunned. There were only two of them but they were charged RM755," he wrote.

Meanwhile, the owner of Restoran Terapung Sas Rimba, Norasyikin Musa, in response, said she herself attended to the customer in question.

"I had explained to them that normally, that particular fish was not for sale as it was displayed as a show for customers in our restaurant.

"I had even suggested to the customer to pick other types of fish such as siakap merah (red barramundi) or kerapu (grouper) weighing between 1kg and 1.5kg which was more suited for customers," she said when contacted.

Norasyikin claimed that she had even asked the group to take a look at the fish selected before it was cooked but they declined.

She further claimed that the price for the siakap had also been clearly stated in the menu, which is RM16 for every 100g.

She also denied claims that she had imposed extra charges for credit card payment, as claimed by the customer.

"Actually, the cost of their lunch was separated into two receipts; RM1,759.50 and RM93 each, but the customer had only uploaded one of them," she claimed.

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