TikToker's horrifying encounter with Waze navigation app raises safety concerns

Known as Airil, he recounted his encounter with the app while travelling to a location provided by a production manager and posted it on TikTok.

Airil had been offered a shooting job in Jenjarom, Selangor and was provided accommodation by the production team.

While using Waze to navigate his way from Sungai Buloh to Jenjarom around 10.30pm, he followed the directions even when the app led him into a dark forest and oil palm plantation.

"I went a bit deeper because Waze took me right into the middle of the forest. At that time, there were no tar roads. There were dirt roads, bushes and puddles.

"Until I got to the location shared by the production manager, and then I realised there was no house there, let alone a homestay," he said.

Panicked, he decided to make a U-turn to find his way out but got lost in the forest around midnight.

Facing difficulties and encountering strange sights, he continued to drive, hoping to find an exit.

"I continued to find the way out of the forest. There was a time my tire was stuck in a hole in the gournd for a few minutes.

"There was a time I drove on a riverbank because I wanted to avoid a big hole in the ground."

The terrifying experience led him to pray and recite surahs for protection.

After some time, Airil noticed a faint streak of light from afar and decided to follow it.

He managed to find his way out and came across several passing cars. He immediately called the production manager for assistance.

The following day, he was astonished to find his car covered in mud and handprints.

Speculations arose among netizens, with some suggesting that the handprints were left by mystical entities that helped ti push his car when it got stuck.

However, Airil believed that the handprints were from entities trying to get to him but failing to reach him inside the car.

A netizen commented, "Because of the prayers, Allah gives you a way out, moral of the story whatever happens to us, don't forget to seek help from Allah."

Many netizens advised using Google Maps instead of Waze, as the latter often directs drivers through unfamiliar alternative routes to avoid traffic congestion.

Several individuals shared their own gruesome experiences with the app.

Airil emphasised the importance of staying cautious when using Waze, describing the incident as a valuable lesson for himself and a warning for others.

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