Motorcyclists back conditional approval for auto licence upgrade to enhance road safety [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: Motorcyclists are in agreement with suggestions to offer driver's licence upgrades exclusively to those with a substantial amount of riding experience.

This follows the government's proposal to automatically upgrade the B2 class motorcycle driving licence to a full B licence.

While many rejoiced at the idea, experienced motorcyclists said that authorities should first prioritise automatically upgrading those who hold B2 licences between five and 10 years.

Additionally, they stressed on the need for authorities not to easily overlook licence holders who have committed serious traffic offences in the past.

"It's both a good and bad idea, but for new driving licence holders, they should go through a review before getting any approval since road accidents involving motorcyclists are still prevalent," said Abdul Kadir Ali, 46.

Rumaizi Ruslan, 35, said the thought of relinquishing driving tests entirely to make way for the upgrade should not be decided in haste.

"As a rider myself, perhaps the focus could be on providing motorcyclists with a refresher on road rules in particular, rather than solely concentrating on the riding aspect as a safety measure."

Muhammad Haiqal Aiman Mohamad Shabana, 23, suggested a short-term probation period for those who are not used to handling high-powered motorcycles.

"It's less tedious than a test, and would allow for riders to transition into heavy motorcycles appropriately."

Meanwhile, Ahmad Afifi Zaidi, 28 said the automatic upgrade does not necessarily mean safety is compromised.

"If you are a responsible driver and your record is relatively clean, it should be enough to warrant you the auto-upgrade.

"It's just a matter of addressing the rigidity of the tiered licensing system," he said.

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