Elmina air crash: Doomed jet plunged 475 feet in eight seconds

KUALA LUMPUR: The ill-fated Beechcraft Model 390 (Premier 1) had plunged 475 feet (144 metres) in eight seconds during the crash in Bandar Elmina, Shah Alam on Aug 17.

The Elmina Aircrash Report released by the Transport Ministry today revealed that the plane had made a right turn after it was cleared to land on the runway at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang.

"Automatic dependent surveillance–broadcast (ADS-B) data indicated that after 2.47:24pm local time and at 2,600 feet, the airplane began a speed reduction and descent.

"At about 2.49:06pm and at 1,025 feet, the airplane began a right turn that continued until about 2.49:14pm at an indicated height of 550 feet.

"That was the last recorded data transmission from the accident flight, which was in the vicinity of the accident location," the report said.


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