Penang police chief warns of stern action against his men for wrongdoings

GEORGE TOWN: Penang police chief Datuk Khaw Kok Chin has vowed to take action against corrupt policemen and those who abuse their power in the line of duty.

"Penang police fully supports the direction and vision of Federal Criminal Investigation Department director Datuk Seri Mohd Shuhaily Mohd Zain.

"We will take stern action against corrupt cops and those who abuse their power," he told the New Straits Times when contacted.

He said this in response to Shuhaily admonishing police officers who worked hand in glove with criminal syndicates, warning them to "change or be changed".

Pressed if such a thing was happening within the state police force and what actions were being taken to address this, Khaw said: "When action (is) taken, we will let you know".

On Sunday, the New Straits Times reported based on a video on the police Facebook page, of Shuhaily admonishing police officers who worked hand in glove with criminal syndicates, warning them to "change or be changed."

He touched on allegations that some officers were willing to risk the lives of their comrades for payment from syndicates by providing false information during operations.

Addressing a room full of contingent CID chiefs and CID chiefs from district police headquarters across Malaysia during the CID director's mandate ceremony at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Suhaily said the situation was something that had to be taken seriously.

He said supervision by superiors or officers was something that already existed in the police task directives.

He also warned all 130 district CID officers who failed to perform their duties according to directives.

The video of his speech, which went viral on social media, drew tons of comments from viewers, who lauded his strong stance on corruption within the force.

Meanwhile, during the monthly police contingent gathering at the state police contingent headquarters here this morning, Khaw again reiterated the Inspector-General of Police's directive during a meeting last Thursday that the latter and his deputy would not tolerate any wrongdoing by their senior and junior officers in cases such as corruption and drugs.

"Given the issue of integrity, abuse of power and corruption among senior and junior officers are still rampant, the top leadership has agreed that any officer involved with issues related to integrity such as corruption and drugs will be detained from work even if the case has not been charged," he said.

His address was uploaded on to the PDRM Pulau Pinang Facebook page.

Khaw also stressed on Regulation 3C of the Public Officers (Conduct and Discipline) Regulations 1993.

He said all senior and junior officers, who held positions as supervisors from the top down, would be held accountable if they failed to implement Regulation 3C.

"All parties need to be consistent, courageous and firm in enforcing the Regulation 3C to ensure that we can make effective changes on issues of integrity and misconduct in the police force," he added.

Meanwhile, Khaw also stressed on the need for the state police to work as a team and in harmony to maintain and improve their respective roles and responsibilities.

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