Number of flood evacuees in Kedah rises to over 200

ALOR STAR: The number of flood evacuees in Kota Star and Kubang Pasu districts has increased to more than 230 people from 74 families as of 8am today, compared to 76 people from 26 families reported yesterday.

Kedah Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) disaster management secretariat division chief Mohd Suhaimi Mohd Zain said that 200 people from 67 families in Kota Star are currently sheltered in three Temporary Flood Evacuation Centres (PPS).

He said the flood has now affected nine villages in the district namely, Kampung Seberang Chegar, Kampung Alor Gunung, Kampung Alor Senjaya, Kampung Pulau Kerengga, Kampung Bohor, Kampung Anak Bukit, Kampung Alor Gunung and Kampung Seberang Alor Gunung.

"A total of 101 people from 35 families are being sheltered at the SK Titi Gajah PPS and 94 people from 30 families are accommodated in SMK Alor Merah PPS

"Another PPS located at SK Taman has been activated at 8pm yesterday to accommodate five people from two families," he said in a statement today.

Suhaimi said that 31 people from seven families in Kubang Pasu are still being sheltered at the SK Malau PPS, involving residents from Kampung Lahar, Paya Tok Keong, Paya Tok Teh and Kampung Biak.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) expects heavy rain accompanied with thunderstorms in the evening today.

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