People grateful for RM100 e-wallet credit

KUALA LUMPUR: Though some may think RM100 is not a lot, many Malaysians are grateful for the assistance in the form of e-wallet credit.

Malaysians who qualify for the eMadani e-wallet credit will be able to redeem the RM100 starting Monday and those interviewed by the New Straits Times have thanked the government for the assistance.

They say they are familiar with eMadani and find it particularly useful during these critical times as it serves as a valuable resource for various purposes.

Nurul Ashikin Zakariah, 29, expressed gratitude for the assistance, acknowledging that while the amount was not substantial, it may prove particularly useful for her daily commute.

"I'm uncertain about its applicability for transportation, but personally, I find it indispensable for my daily commute.

"At the moment, I depend on public transportation for my daily commute from Seremban to Kuala Lumpur for work, and it's an essential aspect of my routine.

"I believe it's a crucial necessity. After all, everyone requires it, don't they? Whether it's just RM100, I'm grateful for the little assistance received," she said.

Meanwhile, 32-year-old Muhammad Akif Ashari intends to allocate the money towards essential household items.

"I am already married and have two children, so I will buy household items, cooking essentials, and perhaps milk for my children.

"A budget of RM100 should prove quite adequate, as they say it can fill an entire shopping cart and this amount could easily sustain our kitchen for about two to three weeks."

Rausyan Nur Hakim Rezaly, 31, stressed the importance of effective financial management regarding eMadani, emphasising that even RM1 million might not cover certain necessities.

"I believe that even if the government were to give you RM1 million, it might still not be sufficient, don't you think?

"Therefore, managing your money is crucial. If you intend to use the money for groceries or many other things, you need to plan it out.

"Consider breaking down the amount based on your weekly spending, assess what you need to buy, and do a bit of surveying. Afterward, calculate if it should be sufficient and for me, RM100 is enough," he said.

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