Sim to focus on upholding dignity of workers

PUTRAJAYA: Newly appointed Human Resources Minister Steven Sim Chee Keong said he will focus on continuing the work of his predecessor, providing improvements and upholding the dignity of workers in the country.

Speaking to reporters after clocking in on his first day, Sim said since the reshuffle of the ministerial post is within the same government, he will emphasise on continuing the work of his predecessor, former minister V.Sivakumar.

"We will look at continuing the work that has been done before, if we see the need for improvements, we will improve.

"My main focus is on upholding the dignity of workers in the country. We stand with the workers."

He also called for employers and workers not to be antagonistic to each other as they are intertwined.

"I stress that the employers and workers are interdependent. If the fate of workers is not defended, it will also impact the company.

"The same goes for companies, if they have no productivity, the workers will suffer the same fate.

Sim said that in structuring the economy into the Madani framework, the ministry will also focus on developing the skills of workers, productivity and their welfare.

"So, to work on this, I hope everyone will give us room to look into all the available policies and we will make an announcement from time to time," he said.

In addressing the criticism of his selection as the Human Resources Minister, he said that those criticising him should leave him room to perform in the ministry and let the people judge his outcome.

"Let the people judge once we have performed our work.

"Only then will the public and the workers in general judge us," he said.

Earlier, Sim clocked in for official duties at the ministry at 1.15pm here.

Previously Deputy Finance Minister II, he has become a full minister taking over the ministry from his predecessor, V. Sivakumar who was dropped in yesterday's cabinet reshuffle.

Sim, who is the member of Parliament (MP) for Bukit Mertajam, is currently the youngest minister in the cabinet.

Also clocking in today was deputy minister, Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Mohamad who had changed his portfolio in the reshuffle, being previously the Deputy Works Minister.

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