Human Resources Minister unveils agenda for 2024

KUALA LUMPUR: Newly appointed Human Resources Minister Steven Sim Chee Keong has unveiled a comprehensive agenda aimed at reshaping the ministry management throughout next year.

The minister's threefold focus centres on fortifying welfare, enhancing skills, and boosting overall workforce productivity, and he has made several important decisions in the first week.

Sim said that the ministry will formulate the country's inaugural Human Resources Policy as the primary guide in efforts to strengthen welfare, enhance skills, and improve the success of workers.

"It aims to prepare a labor market capable of facing future challenges such as digital technology advancements, an aging population agenda, a green economy, job mismatch, and the need for decent work.

"These efforts align with the framework of a civilised economy, emphasising the importance of addressing issues in the context of economic development," he said in a statement.

He also directed the ministry to promptly implement the Progressive Salary Policy pilot project following the presentation of the Progressive Salary White Paper in Parliament.

"The ministry will collaborate closely with the Economy Ministry to ensure the successful implementation of this pilot project and other efforts to reform the country's labour market.

"This effort aims to enable workers to receive more dignified and fair wages."

Sim has also instructed HRD Corp not to proceed with the 'Skills Passport' project after careful consideration.

He stated that the project has been delayed for over a year, and the ministry has found it no longer suitable for implementation.

"Beginning from this point, the ministry will initiate strategic planning to optimise the functions and efficiency of each department and agency," he added.

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