Family of motorcyclist killed in road accident contemplates legal action over poor road conditions

NILAI: The family of the motorcyclist who tragically died in an accident on Jalan Mantin-Beranang on Dec 20 is determined to take legal action if poor road conditions are found to be the cause.

The father of the victim, Abdul Sani Md Yatim, 61 said the family is presently awaiting a comprehensive police report on the incident before deciding on their next step.

"I am still awaiting the chemical report on the deceased's motorcycle (Mohamad Fitri Abdul Sani, 30), and there are other matters that need resolution before taking legal action.

"While the police had previously indicated a possible hit-and-run scenario involving my son, as a father, I continue to believe that the accident is linked to the poor state of the road at the accident site," he said when contacted today.

Reflecting on his decision, Abdul Sani acknowledged several cases involving road users, particularly motorcyclists, who have seemingly become victims in the same location due to potholes and water accumulation.

"The legal action might be directed towards the government or the Public Works Department. Moreover, I find it perplexing that on the morning my son met with the accident, the Works

Department promptly repaired the road that evening.

"While it is undeniable that my son's passing was destined, if indeed the accident resulted from the damaged road, I cannot remain passive."

He further noted that this legal action serves as a reminder for authorities to take more responsibility for road damage, not only in Negri Sembilan but across the entire country.

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