Tourism minister urges Sarawakians to maintain social harmony and stability

BINTULU: Tourism, Arts, and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing emphasised the importance of maintaining social harmony and stability in Sarawak at the 'A Nite With People 2024' event held in Bintulu on Saturday.

Addressing the audience, Tiong stressed that people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds in Sarawak must compromise and respect each other.

"Only by doing this can we ensure our country advances with advantages and stimulates economic growth in a business-friendly environment, including in Bintulu," he said.

The Bintulu Member of Parliament advised against using extreme methods for personal or group interests and discouraged any pretence of heroism. He emphasised the need for collective efforts to protect the community's interests.

Tiong also highlighted the role of political parties as crucial intermediaries between the government and the people.

"It is to inspire political parties to self-examine and adapt their political direction in a timely manner.

"All of this is to foster a 'two-way street' between political parties and the people, and to build policies and enhance the quality of services for the people," he explained.

'A Nite With People 2024' was a gala event attended by about 2,500 people. It featured various activities, including singing and dancing performances, and a lucky draw, celebrating the spirit of community and unity.

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