Grab announces delivery, bonus framework fee restructuring

KUALA LUMPUR: Hailing services company Grab Malaysia has announced a delivery fee and bonus framework restructuring effective yesterday.

This, it said was to ensure a steady stream of earning opportunities for drivers and delivery riders from its platform and fair compensation for every booking they complete.

The restructuring aims to strike a balance between stakeholders and provide a fairer, more stable earning scheme to those who need it the most.

"This is done with reference to our delivery-partners' recent feedback about bookings that involve longer wait times at merchants' outlets or farther pick-ups.

"Apart from adjusting the base fare, we will increase the bonus pay out for such bookings that require more time and effort to complete.

"We expect the new fee and bonus framework to benefit our most active delivery-partners who have been working hard to fulfil challenging consumer orders such as those that require more effort to complete," Grab said in a statement.

Among the improvements made to maximise earnings include reduced wait time at merchants by rolling out features that ensure partners' arrival at the store are more well-timed with when the food or products are ready.

Grab added that the far pick-up bonus will be raised by 20 to 30 per cent and partners would be better compensated for their services during high-demand periods, with greater emphasis on Tambang Puncak, Bonus Prestasi, and Bonus Mingguan.

"We acknowledge our drivers' need for effective time management. To compensate for longer waiting durations at merchants, we're raising wait time compensations.

"Multiple service offerings give delivery-partners the freedom to earn more by receiving jobs across multiple Grab services, including GrabExpress and GrabMart.

"Consistent earnings opportunities for our partners is a priority. Thus, Grab will keep investing in promotions like GrabUnlimited, HotDeals, Kombo Jimat, particularly during peak demand periods."

Meanwhile, Grab riders have urged others to boycott the company to express their disagreement with the reduced base fare.

Posters urging Grab riders against working this Friday have been circulating on their Facebook page.

"Just a suggestion, I'm not saying I disagree with this boycott, but how many times have we boycotted, and nothing has happened?

"So, my suggestion is that rather than posting about the boycott, let's all gather on the 19th (Jan) at GDC (Grab Driver Centre). We'll ask HQ to revert the return fare to its original amount," says user Rider Buat Hal.

"You need to understand what freedom of speech is. Our country is a democracy, bro, not an Iron-Fisted Government where we just have to follow blindly.

"It's also surprising that this issue is left unchecked. From 6 years ago, it was RM10 plus, and now in 2024, it's hello, RM3.90. Next year, they might give an EcoShop rate of RM2.10," commented user Hidayat Akmar

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