Delivery drivers share experiences of suspicious and indecent orders

KUALA LUMPUR: The recent emergence of individuals exploiting leading delivery platforms for illicit purposes has raised concerns about the safety and integrity of such services.

This troubling trend involves individuals driven by sexual desires offering their services to unsuspecting users of these platforms.

Whether motivated by curiosity, amusement, or malicious intent, these actions are deeply disrespectful and immoral, especially considering that these platforms are meant for legitimate commercial transactions.

Ayus, a 34-year-old delivery driver, shared her disappointment with the situation.

"Indeed, for the past month, I've been receiving strange orders. But usually, when I receive such odd orders, I will slide (accept the order) and press the report order button.

"Usually, with orders like this, the pin location is at the same place to pick up or drop off the order," she shared the strange trend with Harian Metro.

This, Ayus said, raised red flags underscoring the need for greater scrutiny and regulation of orders placed through these platforms.

Despite her concerns, she continued to fulfil these orders, albeit with reservations, and has reported them to the platform's authorities.

Observations by Harian Metro on social media revealed that many other delivery drivers have also encountered similar situations, prompting discussions and calls for action.

In some cases, customers have even provided specific criteria for their delivery person, such as requesting a certain gender or appearance.

Ayus said that this issue posed problems for delivery persons as sometimes orders received did not provide detailed information about the items or orders to be delivered.

"I think when there is an issue like this, we struggle to earn a living because both male and female delivery persons are not safe.

"I hope the platform providers are more sensitive in filtering orders and set conditions so that customers can specify more clearly what items need to be delivered," he said.

Meanwhile, a female delivery person named Nisa shared her experience, where she almost became a victim of irresponsible individuals, but luckily her husband accompanied her.

"I've experienced something like this (indecent orders), the place was hidden like an abandoned building in Shah Alam.

"At the time, my husband tagged along and drove the car. When we arrived, the person who placed the order complained why it wasn't a woman who was driving.

"Delivery drivers, especially women, be careful. If you get to a strange place, don't accept the order, and it's even better to cancel it if you've accepted," she said.

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