200,000 water consumers in Penang set to face supply disruption

GEORGE TOWN: Some 200,000 consumers in the Southwest district on Penang island and several areas in Seberang Prai will experience an unscheduled disruption to their water supply.

This follows a sudden mishap in Sungai Prai.

The Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP) said it had detected a sudden major leak on the 1,350mm underwater pipeline section.

"PBAPP is striving to pump water through the pipeline at minimal flow.

"This exercise is likely to lead towards a water supply disruption for about 200,000 consumers in the Southwest district on Penang island and some areas in Seberang Prai," it said this afternoon.

PBAPP said the "sudden mishap" was not a scheduled water supply interruption initiated by PBAPP.

"PBAPP has activated its emergency response plan," it added.

Last month, the 200,000 consumers were also affected following unscheduled water supply disruption due to a mishap at Sungai Prai.

The incident was caused by a burst 1,350mm-long pipeline lying on the riverbed of Sungai Prai.

Treated water from the Sungai Dua Water Treatment Plan (WTP) is pumped through this pipeline to the Third Penang Twin Submarine pipelines, and subsequently to the southwest district on the island.

This is a major pipeline that delivers treated water from the Sungai Dua WTP to the 3rd Penang Twin Submarine pipelines that spans from Butterworth on the mainland to the Macallum area on Penang island.

On Jan 12, PBAPP took immediate action by creating a temporary diversion after a new leak was detected in the pipe beneath Sungai Prai.

The 900mm diameter pipe was diverted across the Ampang Jajar bridge on the surface of the river.

The emergency measure was taken after an assessment found that the existing pipe in Sungai Perai could no longer be repaired.

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