Removing pensions should start with MPs and state assemblymen, says Umno Youth

KUALA LUMPUR: The abolishment of the pension scheme should first start with the people's representatives before it is implemented to civil servants, said Umno Youth.

Its chief Dr Akmal Saleh said while everyone understood the financial burdens of the government, it was unjust to only remove pensions for people working in the public sector.

"It is unfair if we only abolish their (civil servants') pensions, but we (representatives) enjoy receiving pensions until the end of our lives.

"There are no double standards when it comes to the people's representatives and the people," he said, adding that Umno Youth believed in leading by example.

"We hope this suggestion can be considered and accepted by all people's representatives from both sides of the divide."

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the cabinet had agreed that new permanent hires in the public service would not be pensionable.

An announcement on its implementation date would be made by the Public Service Department director-general.

Zahid had said existing civil servants would not be affected by the new scheme.

Meanwhile, Dr Akmal said he would raise this matter during Umno's Working Committee Council meeting tomorrow night.

He said he felt that their views were important and should be considered by the unity government.

"I will raise this during the meeting tomorrow. We want to ensure that the welfare of the public, especially former civil servants, are being taken care of," he said.

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