MyEG supports govt's digital transformation

KUALA LUMPUR: The government's recent announcement that motorists can now renew their road tax and driving licence using the Road Transport Department's (RTD) MyJPJ app starting next month has been welcomed by MyEG Services Bhd (MyEG).

MyEG, which also provides road tax and driving licence renewal services, said the move would enable private vehicle users to continue enjoying the options of multiple channels for the renewal of their road tax and driver's licences.

"MyEG has always been, and will continue to be, an advocate for the digital transformation of government services," it said in reply to the New Straits Times.

The service provider platform, however, said users through MyEG will be assured of receiving the most comprehensive range of services related to their motor vehicle needs.

"This includes the option of obtaining the physical road tax and drivers' licences delivered directly to their premises, besides other value-added products and services such as motor insurance, a variety of payment options, and roadside assistance."

MyEG said it is currently focusing on the transition from Web 2 to Web 3, the latest phase of the World Wide Web.

"By developing Zetrix, a layer-1 public blockchain that empowers governments and enterprises, we foresee a shift of applications to decentralised or distributed blockchain technology.

"Web 3 services have many benefits: it empowers users, granting them more control over their data and digital assets, fosters interaction without reliance on centralised authorities, and facilitates the secure digitisation of various physical documents.

"Additionally, in contrast to Web 2, which makes it challenging to distinguish between authentic and counterfeit digital images, Web 3 addresses this concern by enabling the authentication of all digitised images."

All in all, MyEG said it commends an innovative government initiative like the MyJPJ app.

"We believe that it could even drive an increased demand for blockchain technology that capitalises on some of the benefits mentioned above.

"We look forward to supporting the government in their digital transformation journey whenever possible."

On Tuesday, Transport Minister Anthony Loke after his working visit to Selangor's RTD announced that Malaysians can renew their driving licence and road tax using the MyJPJ app starting Feb 1.

He said the new function would make it easier for the public to renew their driving licence and road tax digitally, saving time and cost, besides reducing the congestion of physical transactions at RTD counters.

The initiative, however, is only for Malaysian citizens and does not apply to foreign nationals or any pass, long-term permit, MyKAS Card or MyPR Card holders.

Loke those who opted for a digital driving licence would get a rebate of RM5 upon renewal, until Dec 31.

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