Rosyam Nor: 'There should be prostitution dens for foreign workers' [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: A popular actor and businessman has stirred up a hornets' nest when he said that there should be prostitution dens in the country as a means to curb the crime of rape involving foreign workers.

Datuk Rosyam Nor said during the 'Hitam Putih Kehidupan' podcast that was uploaded to the Suhan Channel on TikTok yesterday (Jan 7), that prostitution dens are needed as a 'facility' for male foreign workers, many of whom left their wives behind in their home countries to earn a living here.

"Prostitutions dens are needed," said the popular local actor and businessman, who added that prostitution dens are needed in the country as a means to curb and reduce the crime of rape involving foreign workers.

"At present there are about three million foreign workers who come here to work in our country, and almost all of them have left their wives behind in their home country.

"These foreign workers are mostly men. If they are not men, it is ok, understand what I am trying to say? If a person is unable to satisfy himself, then what is he supposed to do to curb and control such an urge?" Said Rosyam.

According to Rosyam, such frustrations and limitations will lead to crime such as rape and other unwanted vile acts.

"They will look at our wives and children, our daughters passing by. If they are unable to behave and control their emotions, they could end up committing the heinous crime of rape. It could reach such a breaking point because such thoughts do end up playing over and over again in some of their thoughts and minds.

"Remember they live among us, here, and at night when they have no work and they are free and easy, they end up watching pornography and other related content and material. So if there are prostitution dens, at least they will go to such a place to address their feelings and emotions instead of being unable to control their urges and end up raping someone which no one wants," he said.

However, Rosyam stressed that it was just his own personal view and opinion as he asked viewers and netizens to judge for themselves.

"That is my personal opinion. But please, think about it yourselves. I could be wrong, and then again perhaps I could be right," he said.

As expected, such a comment from Rosyam saw the comments sections abuzz with activity as netizens left their comments regarding the matter, the issue.

There were netizens who supported Rosyam's view, opinion, and there were also others who rejected such a notion and felt that Rosyam was way off the mark for making such a comment.

"Is there a need to pile on, to add sins and book a ticket to hell?" Wrote one netizen.

"Rosyam's view and opinion is dangerous. The problem is a majority of the foreigners are men.

To allow such establishments to operate will only add to the problems and woes," wrote one netizen.

"This is why it is important for a husband to be the Imam for the family to help guide the wife and children. The children must be taught and inculcated with the foundation and groundwork of faith. Faith is after all the pillar of religion," another netizen commented.

Meanwhile, attempts and efforts by Harian Metro to contact Rosyam for further comment and explanation regarding the matter proved futile as calls and whatsapp messages remained unanswered.

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