Media Prima Omnia launches "MPB Chinese Biz Alliance Club" for Malaysian Chinese SME market

KUALA LUMPUR: Media Prima Omnia, the marketing arm of Media Prima Berhad (MPB) recently launched the MPB Chinese Biz Alliance Club during a gala event celebrating 8TV's 20th anniversary at Sheraton Petaling Jaya.

The Club is a prestigious membership club by Omnia, designed specifically for Malaysian Chinese small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

It is dedicated to creating an optimal platform for members to grow, learn, share business information, and stay informed about media, serving as a hub for elite training and resource integration.

With its formidable media strength, Omnia aims to shape the future development of Malaysian Chinese SMEs and cultivate a new generation of popular entrepreneurial stars.

Omnia's chief operations officer Stephanie Wong said that the Club aspires to help Chinese SMEs and nurture a new generation of entrepreneurs with the Club's S.T.A.R. categories.

"Today's entrepreneurs are more receptive towards growing market trends and ready to embark into a journey that would enrich their business.

"We pledge to help shape the future of the Chinese SMEs in Malaysia in the best collaborative environment to grow their business, in an environment to learn and educate, and provide a hub of golden opportunities.

"Let us together create a new era of admired entrepreneurs, collaborating to advance the future growth of Chinese SMEs by bringing together the elites and uniting Chinese enterprises."

Omnia's Chinese SME head Roche Chew said the Club is committed to cultivate a new generation of charismatic entrepreneurs, collaboratively driving the future development of Chinese SMEs in Malaysia.

"With MPB Chinese Biz Alliance Club, we can nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs through Success, Transformation, Aspiration and Rewards. In short, we want to create new STARs of Chinese entrepreneurs," he said.

"Our members can enjoy perks totaling up to RM138,888 in media benefits divided into S.T.A.R. categories with annual membership fees. The perks include a 360 degree media coverage, media strategy consultation, feature stories, workshops, exhibition and rewarding opportunities that have never been offered before for Chinese SMEs," he elaborated.

In 2023, Media Prima Omnia forged a collaboration and partnership with SME Association of Malaysia for the Platinum Business Awards (PBA), and with Shanghai Business Media for the Shanghai International Prestige Business Awards (SHIPBA).

These partnerships aim to reach out to more Chinese SMEs and to introduce Media Prima's platforms to Chinese SMEs in Malaysia.

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