A new record! Another Penangite pays RM228 for a plate of nasi kandar

GEORGE TOWN: Nearly three weeks ago, Nasi Kandar Sulaiman on Jalan Air Itam here set an unprecedented record by selling a plate of nasi kandar for RM218.

Today, that record was broken by another customer, also from Penang, who went to the eatery for his nasi kandar fix.

This time, a plate of the wholesome meal cost him RM228.

He took 10 squids, 10 prawns, two pieces of chicken, squid egg, okra, rice and mutton.

On its Facebook page, Nasi Kandar Sulaiman posted:

"Pecah rekod RM228. All time biggest record ever. Fuhh orang Penang lagi. Seorang makan semua ini. Amat-amat dasyhat. Kita tak paksa apa-apa dan kita bukan panggil dia makan. Dia sendiri mai makan dan buat rekod. Memang padu" (The record had been broken. RM228. All time biggest record ever.

Another Penangite. Simply terrific. We do not force anyone and we did not ask him to eat. He came himself and set the record. Simply solid.)

The post was accompanied by three photographs of the customer, one with the eatery owner and one showing the customer's food choices.

It took the man 55 minutes to finish his meal.

The post received 2,200 reactions, 509 comments and was shared 185 times.

Some netizens have identified the customer as the owner of TheFat.Burger.

According to a board put up at the shop, now in second ranking was a plate of nasi kandar that cost RM218, while in third, fourth and fifth ranking were plates that cost RM87, RM81 and RM78, respectively.

Wafi Haris posted: "Solid and surrr! Feels like going to Penang immediately."

Muhammad Nur Firdaus said: "Champion."

Ziee Lee Sha said this could not be happening. "Must go to Penang too. Salivating just by looking at this owner's posting daily."

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