Lavish wedding in China costs RM140 million, draws worldwide interest

BEIJING: A Chinese couple captured global attention with their extravagant wedding ceremony, reported to cost 210 million yuan (approximately RM140.11 million).

According to a report by the South China Morning Post citing, the lavish wedding of the Ye family occurred in Putian, Fujian province, in early February.

The luxurious celebration unfolded within the grand ballroom of the groom's family mansion.

Elaborate wooden dragon and phoenix motifs adorned the ceiling, complemented by traditional Chinese-style bridges, pavilions, and red lanterns gracing the premises.

The family had also drained a sizable fish pond a year prior to the event, repurposing it as a stage for the wedding ceremony.

Images circulated widely depict the bride, adorned with a chain of approximately 100 weighty gold bracelets, appearing somewhat uneasy, prompting her to hunch forward slightly.

The wedding organisers orchestrated an impressive display featuring 50 elegantly dressed female servers and a troupe of dancers performing ancient rituals.

Guests were treated to an extravagant feast featuring delicacies such as king crab, giant prawns, fish fin soup, bird's nest, and Australian abalone.

Each table was adorned with a bottle of high-priced Chinese liquor, valued at 1.5 million yuan (around RM1 million).

A guest, sharing a video snippet of the festivities on Douyin, likened the experience to attending a royal wedding from antiquity.

The stage prominently displayed the names of the newlyweds - Ye Dingfeng and Yang Hanying.

Ye Dingfeng is believed to be the son of Ye Guochun, chairman of China's renowned gold jewelry retailer, Lao Feng Xiang, while Yang Hanying is reported to be the daughter of a manager working for the brand in the northern region.

The lavish affair unfolded amidst nationwide calls for public boycotts of extravagant events.

In contrast, many local governments have advocated for cost-saving measures, including collective weddings for dozens or even hundreds of couples.

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