Govt should resolve pay woes of e- and p-hailing riders, says group

KUALA LUMPUR: A group representing e- and p-hailing drivers and riders wants the government to resolve the bread-and-butter issues facing these gig workers.

P-hailing riders on Friday submitted a memorandum to the Transport Ministry demanding that their payment rates be restored.

Malaysian eHailing Alliances chief activist Jose Rizal said low wages was a long-standing issue among riders and the government should not remain neutral.

He said such problems would only do more harm in the long run if not dealt with by the government.

"In the case of e-hailing and p-hailing workers, we should be aware that the companies that dominate the market are foreign companies and not national companies.

"The welfare of Malaysians who serve these platforms, if not protected by the government enacting laws, will only harm the country in the long run.

"This is because most of those involved in these activities are not provided with social security and provident savings, like other formal jobs.

"Do not allow Malaysians to be manipulated and exploited in their own country with various nonsensical terms such as 'gig worker', 'freelancer', and more," he told the New Straits Times.

In January, the government said it would remain neutral on the dispute over payment rates given by e-hailing or p-hailing companies to riders.

Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil said no decisiond had been made to intervene in payment rate dispute.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke yesterday said the government would ask Grab to explain the declining payment rates.

Jose proposed that the government draw up a method to calculate the payment of riders so that their interests were protected.

"Introduce a real-time wage calculation metre that can measure distance, time and other factors involved to ensure justice and equality for all parties.

"This will also discipline all parties involved in the economic cycle to behave appropriately when using the services instead of abusing them," he said.

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