'I can't believe the love of my life is gone'

BATU PAHAT: It has been almost a week since Nurul Nadhirah Azman died giving birth to her third child, yet her 31-year-old husband still cannot believe that she is gone.

Sharul Saifuddin Azman, however, knows he must find strength and courage, for the sake of their children.

Nurul Nadhirah died on Feb 14, on what should have been a joyous day for the couple.

It turned out to be one of mixed blessings and feelings.

Sharul said Nurul Nadhirah's cause of death was due to a cardiorespiratory attack caused by amniotic fluid embolism.

He admitted that he felt as if he couldn't believe his wife had passed away because she didn't show any noticeable signs except being quieter than usual.

He said he and his wife had even taken their two children for a walk on Desaru Beach, Kota Tinggi, a few days before her death.

"My wife didn't have any serious illnesses. She only complained of joint pain, and I even massaged her body.

"When it was time, my wife was taken to the operating room, and after giving birth, she suddenly lost consciousness, and her heart stopped.

"While waiting for my wife to be treated, I waited outside before being summoned by the doctor, who informed me that my wife was in critical condition.

"I had the opportunity to be by her side and teach her to recite prayers, and I even saw tears flowing from her eyes before she breathed her last," he said when contacted by Harian Metro.

Sharul said his wife was buried at 11.30pm on the same day at the Batu Puteh Muslim cemetery.

He said the burial process went smoothly, and many came to the cemetery to pay their final respects.

Shahrul said his two older children were affected the most.

"Seeing their faces made me sad because I understand the pain of losing a mother. But I try to console and calm them down. Fortunately, my family and in-laws have been very helpful after my wife's passing," he said.

He added that for the time being, his younger brother helps to look after his children while Shahrul waits for his newborn, Nur Ariqa Qarissa, to be discharged from the Sultanah Nora Ismail Hospital (HSNI), where she was being treated for jaundice.

Shahrul said he would take the children to live with him in Pasir Gudang and ask his sister for help care for them while he works in Singapore.

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