Na'im: Stay away from religious fanaticism, fake prophet descendant Mawla Amin

PUTRAJAYA: The public is reminded to distance themselves from any form of religious fanaticism and cult following of Mawla Mohamed Amin al-Hassani– a man claiming to be a direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Religious Affairs), Datuk Dr Mohd Na'im Mokhtar, said that fanaticism and extremism in any matter is dangerous to oneself and society.

He added that it can cause individuals to be easily influenced by claims made by certain individuals or groups.

"The Prime Minister's Department (Religious Affairs) is following the developments reported by Harian Metro, on Feb 20, 2024, titled 'Eksploitasi nasab suci Nabi' (Exploitation of the Holy Lineage of the Prophet), and other related reports.

"The Prime Minister's Department (Religious Affairs), through the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim), will closely cooperate with Islamic religious authorities, especially state Islamic Religious Departments, and the police to investigate the revelations made in the media," he said in a statement today.

Mohd Na'im emphasised that the Prime Minister's Department (Religious Affairs) will not compromise with any parties attempting to exploit religion for personal or group interests.

Therefore, he said, all parties are advised to always refer to state Islamic Religious Departments regarding the accreditation of preachers so that every matter conveyed is in line with Islamic teachings.

"All parties are requested to adhere to the balance of knowledge, facts, and refrain from religious fanaticism and extremism," he said.

Previously, Harian Metro reported that the police were monitoring the activities of a man– known as 'Mawla Amin' among his followers– claiming to be a Moroccan who is the 38th descendant of Prophet Muhammad.

Mawla Amin claims to be a Moroccan citizen but has been found to hold French-Algerian citizenship and has no connection whatsoever to the sacred lineage of Islam's most revered prophet.

This has been confirmed by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asean Affairs Division, through feedback obtained by Harian Metro's 'Skuad Khas'.

It is understood that the man, whose real name is Mohamed Amin Ouradj, was born in 1984 in Algiers, Algeria before moving to France with his family.

A principal of a madrasah (Islamic school) in Selangor, who was said to be actively promoting 'Mawla Amin', was accused of unlawfully collecting public funds, as well as attempting to establish Mawla Amin's group, 'Kerajaan 9' in Melaka as preparation for " the end times" for his followers.

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